Saturday, November 17, 2007


I wanted a lobster dinner (we had been
talking about Maine) but instead I got chips and
hummus and some leftover
chicken soup.  So now at least I'd like to have some
tres leches cake but no, all there is is some
ice cream, vanilla and a little bit of
mango.  I don't know about that.  I think I'll try
some hot maple syrup, not on the ice cream but on
some of the yogurt that's in there.  No cookies of
course but still, it might do the trick (I'd like to
forget about food for a while; there are
other things in the world).  So far I've taken
all my pills on time so maybe I can just
kick back with a book (I got a couple of good ones in
large print at the library) and go to sleep.  When I
wake up my daughter will be home and I will
beg for a lobster dinner.  Or for a walk on the
cold, foamy rocks of the Maine
beach in my
bare tough feet.  That ought to do it.  Lobster
can wait; it's not
extinct yet.  I like to think about the days when
not so many grandfathers ago
lobster was so plentiful it was illegal to
provide an all-lobster diet to one's servants because
it was bad for their health; they needed
vegetables.  Even I
need vegetables once in a while; some
okra, for instance, right now.  Oh well,
I had the chicken soup, that had
some carrots in it I
think and potatoes too.  Potatoes today, lobster and
okra tomorrow.  But Sunday?  Tres leches
cake for sure.

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