Friday, July 11, 2008


Here it is 10:30 at night and I haven't done anything all
day except stay alive, you might say. I guess I have
stayed alive, or at least refrained from dying; I've
got the nasal cannula stuck in my nose giving me
oxygen to breathe, or that is air to breathe that is
richer in oxygen than what is around me. I breathe it.
Also I eat, though not
with the gusto Rowena's yams and greens
prompted earlier this week. Bring me more
yams and greens, world, and I will stop
complaining about the weather. Somehow
cottage cheese and canned pineapple just doesn't
do it for me. It was fun though this morning to watch
high-school students plant flowers for us all around the
acacia tree and in the border beside the building. Another patient
predicted Bambi and Ena would eat them all in short order but
it is my hope that impatiens will prove not to their
liking, even though I know their hill is too small to
support them and there are no wildcats up there (or down here
either). Hard to imagine where
Bambi will go when the time comes; still I don't
know where they came from, either; I do see
hills from my window some of which are not
covered with subdivisions yet. I suppose that the
hills are draped in highways with those "deer crossing"
signs here and there. Funny to think that when I was born here
88 years ago now, there were cats in the woods to take care of
population control for the deer; now it's cars. Cars are
definitely less effective and they don't
eat their kill either. Anyway I will be watching the
impatiens with eager interest. Even when
no longer in the raw, nature's
not mild.

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