Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 September 15 poem: LOTS


"Drink lots of fluid," she said, so I asked her
if one cup of water was lots (it seemed so as I tried
to get it down). "Oh no," she said, but could not tell me
exactly how many cups of water would
constitute lots. I'm going to go for drinking
one cup every hour (while I'm awake) and
hope for the best. How that helps get rid of
pneumonia in the left lower lobe is beyond
my ken; maybe nobody knows, it's just that
experience has shown it to be true. Anyway
now I'm downing my second cup this hour
so am exceeding my quota, aha. Lots
and lots. And lookee here - the remains of the
Thai iced tea she brought me earlier, hooray. The next
time someone asks me "What can I bring," I'll say
lots of Thai iced tea. I won't have a problem at all with
lots of that.

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