Sunday, September 21, 2008

They Call Them Rock Doves

We got out the bus schedule to find out what time to leave
to get to the party in Venice. Venice, California, not Venice,
Italy, someone explained, and someone else said "Don't forget crumbs
for the pigeons." "Hey, there are pigeons in Italy too - let's go
to Italy" but I disagreed. Next year, I said; I have enough
shoes right now. Besides, this party is to honor the
workers. "What, there are no
workers in Italy?" Oh, who knows? Of course there are but
Italy has Communists to take care of them. Here we have only
parties. Of course the Communists are a party but it's always
BYOB. So here I am looking at a picture of Mary on the beach. Who
a party or a bottle either when there's
all that sand?

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