Thursday, September 4, 2008

2008 September 3: HE GETS IT


The ombudswoman says
she doesn't think he gets it,
but he's smarter in his stupid way than
she has found out yet, able to appear
not to know what people are talking about. The
minute he saw me write down the phone number
he was headed out of the women's
hallway back to his own
territory. Mr. Hands, I call him, always
reaching to grope. Like the turtle that
lived in a box, he finally
grabbed at me and "he
didn't catch me," I called
the number on the poster and
here she came, ready to take
charge and she did
take charge and it turns out
I'm not the only one who's
complained of him, so the end of that
nonsense is here. I wonder
how he will amuse himself
having to stay in the men's
corridor and
forbidden to grope. Maybe he has a good

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