Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2008 September 3 poem: OLE


You are a night
says the LVN -
ole to rhyme with hole -
and I do not correct him. I have given up
on the idea that the world cannot get along without my
tutelage. Perhaps I am, after all, a
night ole, swooping down from the rafters upon
unsuspecting mice who were looking out for
owls but not for
me. And maybe Allan Ginsberg really wrote
Hole. I will take a copy with me on my next
night ramble and when we meet, commend it
to his care; maybe he too will become
an ole. After Ginsberg there's always
Bukowski and then maybe Sharon
Olds - and after Olds, of course
Young. Oh this guy is going to be
one happy LVN when I get
through with him.

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