Friday, October 31, 2008

Not That One, This One

Steven, the LVN, gave me a long explanation which I
immediately forgot of why I have the
cough I have and not some other
cough and why the cough
medicine I'm taking is the
right one for it. He knows because recently he
had the very same condition. I realize I have a
bad attitude but I really don't care why, I just want
some relief; I'm grateful though for the
attention. Today is Hallowe'en and we had
costumes up the ying-yang, some quite
attractive - my favorite is the girl from
"Rocky Horror" with her little apron. I myself
did not wear a costume, I never do, and neither did
Steven. We agreed it's hard enough just trying
to be who we are without having to pretend to be
somebody else.

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