Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's Wrong

What's wrong
with a cup of hot chocolate at
three o'clock in the
morning?  Nothing.  Maybe this signals
the start of a new life.  I'm already
thinking about breakfast and it won't be
steel-cut oats either; we have some
yogurt and Cafe Fanny granola and
health is just around the corner; I can
taste it in the chocolate.  Health, appetite, days spent
walking in the wind.  Tomorrow
begins at 3 o'clock right now and I'm already -
look - breathing deeply and I'm not
wheezing.  On the cup
that holds the healing drink I see
The Cat in the Hat and I think he sees
me and wishes me well.  The Cat
doesn't know about Flit (the first
Geisel  subject to meet
my eye, on car cards in the subway before he became
Seuss).  Flit
vanquished flies, at least
temporarily,  The Cat
vanquishes even
Mother, any
old time.  Hot
chocolate vanquishes melancholy and furnishes
food for thought:  how come
though full of caffeine, it
sedates?  And how would hot
chocolate be without sugar?  Don't I just love
that idea?  Yes.  Meanwhile I'm dreaming away
about Wednesday evenings at Miss Kettell's, after
an hour or so with her enormous
doll house, waiting
for the cocoa to cool and skimming off the
skin.  And sometimes,
a pretty child, sitting still in her
living room for hours while she and her
companions sketched my face.  I wish I
had some of their sketches now, how sad to think
of that pretty girl gone forever.  She never showed
her true self in the family snapshots but some of those old ladies
I could tell knew just how I

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