Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2008 September 15 poem: WHAT A VIVID


imagination you have, said someone once. Can it be
that? Or does this stuff really act so fast? I took some
antibiotics for pneumonia in the left lower lobe less than an
hour ago and already feel better - feel perfectly well, as a
matter of fact, well except for a bit of
what I used to type on
Treatment Authorization Requests as
S.O.B. (Shortness of Breath). Me and
Dalton Trumbo, I always think, because he was one of our
oxygen customers back then. Now he's gone and I'm
getting it. Couple of reds getting MediCare and
blessing socialized
medicine, yes indeed. Too bad Trumbo
didn't live to see Obama - how he would have
loved him. But never mind, I'm seeing him and so is
my buddy the peripatetic Marvin. Isn't it great sometimes to be
living in interesting

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